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Re: [PLUG] Free Inbound Fax Service?

The pithy ruminations from on "Re: [PLUG] Free Inbound Fax Service?" were:

Replying to my own post, in order to add in the bits that I left out the first time.


What I wrote was:

=> Yeah, I send faxes more frequently than I receive them....but it's easy to find a corner shop/copy center/office where I can send a fax[*], but I wouldn't necessarily want anything personal sent to me at those addresses.  

But I meant to write:

	...where I can send a fax securely[*]...

Followed sometime before the heat death of the universe by a footnote:

	[*] Secure in the sense that I keep possession of the pages that are being sent, unlike receiving a fax, which may arrive
	    asynchronous to my standing in front of the silly machine. Of course, there's no security in using a fax machine with an
	    internal hard drive, used to buffer receiving _and_ sending faxes.

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