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Re: [PLUG] Free Inbound Fax Service?

  • From: Edmond Rodriguez <erodrig97.list@gmail.com>
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  • Subject: Re: [PLUG] Free Inbound Fax Service?
  • Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2010 19:09:51 -0400
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I always wondered why one could not write an app for some thing like
Skype to send a fax via your local machine.   Skype for Windows has
some fax plugins, but they appear to use remote sites to send the
faxes and charge the skype account.

I would like something that modulates the fax data on the local
machine and sends it out via an online voice phone service.

I looked into it a little about a year or two back and what I gathered
is the reason it can not be done is because of the codecs.  But if one
were to use the local computer to modulate a low baud rate
transmission, what would be the issues?  Latency may be one of them,
trying to talk to a physical fax machine.  I always wondered how much
latency can be tolerated with fax hardware.

Sending local via Skype, or other service (Google, SIP) would be nice
for security and privacy (no file downloads), but I've never seen it

On Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 4:01 PM,  <bergman@merctech.com> wrote:
> The pithy ruminations from Chris Nehren <c.nehren/plug@shadowcat.co.uk> on "Re: [PLUG] Free Inbound Fax Service?" were:
> => On Aug 26, 2010, at 11:18 AM, bergman@merctech.com wrote:
> =>
> => > The pithy ruminations from Casey Bralla <MailList@nerdworld.org> on "[PLUG] Free Inbound Fax Service?" were:
> => >
> => > => Anybody know of a free inbound fax service?   I see there are tons of paid
> => > => services, but I was hoping for a free service for inbound use only.
> => >
> => > I assume you're talking about an inbound fax=>email gateway.
> => >
> => > I've been using eFax for about 6~8 years. [...]
> =>
> => Is http://www.efax.com/efax-free the service you've been using? They hid it pretty well on their Web site. That said, it does look to satisfy Casey's requirement--and mine, should I ever need this. Thanks!
> Yes, that's it.
> =>
> => >
> => > I've got high hopes that google voice will begin to receive inbound faxes.
> =>
> => I would think outbound is far more useful to people. How many times have you needed to send a fax to a government or other organization stuck in the 1970s?
> =>
> Yeah, I send faxes more frequently than I receive them....but it's easy to find a corner shop/copy center/office where I can send a fax[*], but I wouldn't necessarily want anything personal sent to me at those addresses.
> Has anyone used the old tpc.int "sendfax" service recently (yes, there is a TLD named ".int", and yes, the "tpc" stands for "The Phone Company"...and amazingly enough, they've got a Philadelphia connection). Chris' UK email address reminded me of "sendfax". When I was doing more stuff overseas, I had much more frequent need to send faxes...and found the free "sendfax" (email --> volunteer physically "local" to the fax destination, running gateway software that sends the email via a local fax call) service to be very helpful. I haven't used it in years.
> See:
>        http://www.tpc.int/sendfax.html
> Thanks,
> Mark
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