Casey Bralla on 25 Sep 2010 17:20:21 -0700

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[PLUG] How to Compile Specific (ie: by name) Kernel Modules?

I'm building Gentoo on an old computer that has some goofy HP hardware 
configurations.   I want to be sure I've compiled all the needed kernel 
modules, so I loaded Sabayon Linux Live CD and recorded all the modules it 
loaded with lsmod.

Now I want to compile my Gentoo kernel and use menuconfig to select all the 
needed Kernel modules.   

However, I have a problem: How can I find out (easily) which menuconfig 
settings generate specific kernel modules?

For example, the kernel module "8139too" is created when you select the 
Realtek 8139 network adapter.  If you read the "help" for each item in 
menuconfig, it _usually_ tells you the name of the module it creates.  
However, I need to go the other way and find the menu selection that will 
create a specific module.

Is there a master list of modules and what they are and how to set them?

PS:  I know, I could use the wholesale "genkernel" approach, but that seems 
too clunky to me.  I would much rather select each module individually.


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