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Re: [PLUG] Recent VOIP Experience Anyone?

On Mon, 4 Oct 2010, Carl Johnson wrote:

> Since I'll need some new hardware for this project it won't happen right
> away. I suppose an old 1.5 GigHz P4 PC with 512 MB of PC-100 RAM won't
> give me satisfactory service with Asterisk :-)

I would say that old P4 would probably work great. The only concern I
would have is the power. This old P$ were power hogs and put out a lit of

Asterisk for home use runs quite well on minimal hardware. Many run it on
an NSLU2. You did not mention how many lines incoming and outgoing you
needed to handle simultaneously but that is mostly what determines the
horsepower needed. Not until you get to 10's of simultaneous calls do you
need to worry much about the hardware.

There is an NSLU2 Asterisk users group on Yahoo. I use the NSLU2, have
Debian Lenny on it and it runs great but never tried Asterisk there. Since
it only has a USB interface you would be limited to an external ATA. But
there is a large group of users out there. The idea of using a small low
power, low heat piece of hardware to do this would be interesting. I
think if I had it to do over again I might go that route. Green is in!

My Asterisk runs on a dedicated server running on a 10.x SUSE install. It
is also a very old Asterisk version (1.2.x) that just runs and I have many
addons that also just work and I did not feel like going through the
bother of upgrading and breaking a lot of that and having to fix it. I
control X10 over the phone, and many other addon functions. It allows me
to control my house remotely. I have an extension at a vacation home and
Asterisk at the server either routes calls out my POTS line for local non
toll calls or via VOIP to (mostly) callwithus which is a pay as you go
provider that has worked well for me.


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