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Re: [PLUG] xubuntu GUI samba client

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On 11/30/2010 03:21 PM, Conor Schaefer wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 30, 2010 at 3:15 PM, jeff <
> <>> wrote:
>     On 11/30/2010 02:57 PM, Eric at wrote:
>         Subsequently, I've been using it for testing on a project but
>         now that I find I
>         cannot easily reach my file server I guess I'll just replace it
>         with an Ubuntu
>         install and be done with it.
>     I'm an Xubuntu warrior but finding these types of things highly
>     annoying.
> I have recently started using Crunchbang Linux, and I have none of these
> problems, with a very minimal desktop experience. I believe my system
> now idles at around 150 MB of RAM usage after boot. The file manager I'm
> using is PC Man File Manager, which is the default for Crunchbang
> 9.04.1. Samba mounts work effortlessly in the GUI file manager. Perhaps
> you could try installing the "pcmanfm" package from the *ubuntu repos,
> and save yourself the trouble of reinstalling the whole desktop?

I might look into that although the whole desktop install is quite simple with
Virtual Box.  I'm not terribly worried about RAM usage as I have 4 GB on the
workstation and assign 1 GB to each VM.  I really have to look hard to see any
difference in speed from the Gnome-based Ubuntu and the xfce-based Xubuntu.

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