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Re: [PLUG] big/little endian?

On Monday, December 06, 2010 03:32:06 pm Mark Mehalik wrote:
> Endianness is a hardware thing. Intel x86,x64, and itaniums are always
> little endian. This isn't your issue.

So, Mac intel and PC intel are both little endian, I guess?

> I'd bet your trouble is some sort of codec compliance issue. Perhaps a
> version issue?
> Also if the file is somehow corrupted, or incorrectly encoded, some
> programs might be more lenient with inline repairs than others.

I am really new to mac.  I don't feel comfortable with it like I do Linux or 
even Windows.  They seem finicky with what they support if the software in any 
way relies on the core stuff, like quick time.  I know that the flac 
capabilities of VLC and Songbird don't rely at all on Quick Time so compliance 
may be an issue.

Then again, k3b (on Linux) and VLC/Songbird (on the mac) may just be more 
error tolerant, as you say.

> I'm not a media guru, but some out there might have some suggestions about
> what other programs to try - that's the road I'd head down lat least.

I can work around this,  Just trying to understand the problem.

Art Alexion

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