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Re: [PLUG] 3-way data mirror?

I would consider using revision control, like SVN, if your data files
aren't too large, especially if the raw data doesn't change much.  The
problem is that changes in binary files do not benefit from diffs, with
each change requiring a complete upload/sync of the file.

Another option that would apply to future, more data intensive
collaboration, would be iRODS.  This is a more comprehensive solution
that builds a "data grid" for distributed projects.


On 12/12/2010 12:52 AM, JP Vossen wrote:
> I have a situation where I have 2 labs that need to keep ~150G of data
> in sync, but they can't talk to each other.  They can talk to a 3rd
> machine, which is also backed up, so...
> What I think I'd like to do is have:
>     Lab1 <--> COLO <--> Lab2
> The problem is that lab1 and lab2 are both read-write, so there is a
> real possibility of stepping on changes.  COLO is read-only.
> I'd try to just relay through the COLO, but that's also where the backup
> will happen.  And I can't get the FW rules changed.
> Any better ideas?
> Any suggestions on tools?  I'd strongly prefer something already in the
> CentOS-5 or EPEL repos.
> Thanks,
> JP
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