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Re: [PLUG] Smartphone-Like UI for X?

Some further digging reveals that perhaps GPE didn't die entirely. It looks eerily similar to Matchbox (matchbox-project.org). Does anyone know if they are related in some way? Maybe this is where I should be looking.

Thanks again

On Tue, 28 Dec 2010, Rich Freeman wrote:

Android and GPE would have been my two suggestions.  I never tried GPE
though I had looked at it a while ago briefly for something.  While it seems
to be a somewhat-idle project it seems like at least some distros support it
(including Gentoo - which actually isn't a bad choice for a semi-embedded
system if you strip out the build tools before deploying it (or you can
leave them in if you have plenty of storage - RAM is usually the bigger
constraint which Gentoo excels at).  

I suspect though that GPE had a lot of wind taken out of its sails by
Android, which obviously has a lot more backing.  The obvious advantage of
GPE is that it is a more normal distro in terms of the API - it is basically
just another lightweight X11 desktop environment I think.  The obvious
advantage of Android is that this is where everything is going and it gets a
lot of attention, but you will be limited to android apps.  As you've
pointed out most of the Android work is focused on ARM, and the app
selection is optimized for phone screens right now but that may change when
Android tablets take off.


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