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Re: [PLUG] Zimbra/Android - Was LDAP addressbooks

Hello Lee et al,

Just for the record: Zimbra is not using cyrus, they're imap, pop, web and lmtp server is a java application that they wrote.  It is no longer running in Tomcat but instead Jetty. 

Their mail store is their own format that uses MySQL to store meta data.  I mention this as a limitation in their open source edition is lack of backup support.  It is reasonably safe to tar /opt/zimbra as a backup.

I can't speak for LVContacts but you may want to try a demo of the Network Edition as they have an excellent implementation of ActiveSync that works well with the iPhone and reportedly Android.  I haven't tried the latter extensively.


On Jan 15, 2011, at 9:30 PM, Lee Marzke wrote:


After looking further into Zimbra I found that it is NOT a big monolithic app, but actually
uses OpenLDAP, Tomcat, mysql, postfix, cyrus, spamassassin, clamav, etc. all rolled together
with custom configs ( and a custom web GUI ).    They use a custom zimbra schema
on top of the normal LDAP schemas ( core, cosine, inetorgperson,  etc. )

So I have changed my mind about Zimbra and installed Zimbra 6.0.10 on one of my domains,  and it
seems quite usable so far.

For use with Android,  I haven't tried it yet, but the following app seems to work with even the
free open-source Zimbra and Andriod 2.0 +

If anyone else would like to try out Zimbra and provide me usability feedback,  just contact me off list.


On 01/14/2011 05:43 PM, Lee Marzke wrote:
Anyone ?

What do people use for their addressbooks that work on more than a single computer ?


On 01/08/2011 10:08 AM, Lee Marzke wrote:
I'm looking for ideas on addressbooks that work across multiple devices.  I've been
using Google Voice since I picked up an Android phone, but not really happy with
how that is working.  I only use Google Addressbook now, not Google email, or voice.

My environment is:

- Ubuntu Lucid 64bit Laptop,   with Thunberbird as email client.
- Remote hosted IMAP server with IMP Webmail
- Android phone

- Test instance of OpenLDAP,  with InetOrgPerson schema default
- Test instance of 389 Directory Server

I really like the idea of using LDAP,  and have setup OpenLDAP in the past,  but now that
I am looking at LDAP again I find multiple areas that are frustrating.

- Thunderbird can't write to LDAP, only read.   I'm partially open to other IMAP clients.

- Evolution can write, but doesn't use the same LDAP fields/schema as other products.
   In many cases simple things like zip codes are scrambled.  Seems that multiple LDAP
   fields are being concatenated into one field because of the schema issues ?

- InetOrgPerson schema is provided in OpenLDAP is close to what I need, if only a
   group of tools would use it.  Evolution wants EvolutionPerson ?

- OpenLDAP won't load 'schema' files anymore,  they need to be in .ldif format ?

- OpenLDAP's config file is not used anymore,  it is configured by another LDAP instance.
  This seems to be a complete mess,  as most documentation refers to slapd.conf

- I've also setup 389 Directory server,  but this seem to add a bunch of complexity
    with no real benefit.

I'm quite happy with my current IMAP hosting setup and not really looking for an
integrated product like Zimbra.

Any suggestions or ideas ?    Can OpenLDAP still be run with the old 'slapd.conf' file instead
of the current setup ?   Is there a common schema that works - and can also be synced
in some format to Android ?

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