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Re: [PLUG] Linux Gaming - Feasible?

I too enjoy Windows games thoroughly. When I first started migrating to the Windows world - I tried heavily to run these games on Linux using the variety of Wine solutions out there but to be honest with you, there was always a quirk or two that turned me off. Now I just dual-boot into Windows 7 whenever I want to play games - OR I jump on my XBOX 360. Linux is still my primary O/S but when I want a gaming session I pop into Windows. I don't have a problem with this - but I'm sure others on this list may not want to touch Windows with a 20 foot pole.

There are some decent Linux native games that I play once and a while ('World of Goo' is really cool)... but nothing really AAA-class. I know this is probably not what you wanted to hear but I feel like this is one area where we just have to wait 'til developers start paying attention to us and make native versions. Utilizing Wine just seems silly to me but that's just my opinion.


On Tue, Jan 18, 2011 at 9:18 PM, Keith W <oomplah@gmail.com> wrote:

Greetings folks,


I’ve been lurking on this Linux e-mail list and others and others for a few months, and have decided to stand up, say hello, and have a conversation.  Hopefully this is not a conversation this list is sick of talking about.


I have a serious illness – I love video games, especially the elaborate, commercially developed video games typically only released for Windows.  I’ve experimented with gaming on Linux via Wine and/or Crossover with limited success, and often find myself “giving up” and pulling out the Windows CD so I can enjoy these games.   I’ve attempted this challenge a few times off and on for the last couple years, and thinking about doing this again.   


<The Point>


What I would like to ask the list is what is your experience with “Windows” games on Linux?  I know I’m not alone with the frustration tied to Windows gaming, but I’m curious if anyone can share any success stories or their experience with the following.


WINE -  (“Out of the Box”)  ß Most frustrating for me

Codeweavers  ß Helped “idiot proof” WINE for me, but has limited support for games

Cedega – (Apparently now,  called “GameTree?” – Never tried first hand – List of supported games no more impressive than Codeweavers)

Virtual Machines (VirtualBox/VMWare)  ß Is the performance on this any good?  This my favored option for my next attempt.


I would very much enjoy ditching Windows for Linux full time.  I use it on my home servers, firewall, and at work and love it.  I would like nothing better than to demote windows to a VM running on top of Ubuntu just to play a video game or use a stubborn VPN Client/Office type application with no hope for linux support.


</The Point>


I use NVIDIA graphics (Lesson learned after the very first attempt) on a fairly new ASUS gaming laptop.    No, I cannot shake my Windows Gaming addition for open source alternatives J  Aside from Gaming, there is very little holding me back from using Linux as my primary O/S at home.  I keep hearing that it is becoming more and more feasible over time… seeking updated news and advise.


Thanks in advance for reading – Looking forward to any advice, experiences, or articles anyone has to offer.






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