Dimitry Golubovsky on 11 Feb 2011 05:56:39 -0800

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[PLUG] Android tablet and USB WiFi dongle on PC: how to connect?


Disclaimer: this is my first experience with WiFi.

I am experimenting with an Android tablet (Pandigital 9") which has
only wifi networking (as most of inexpensive tablets seem to). I am
trying to hook it up with my PC running Ubuntu 8.10 and an USB dongle
ENUWI-G2 (seems to only have managed and ad-hoc modes, no master). I
am able to scan neighboring networks from the PC, so the dongle seems
to work.

The tablet does not seem to provide a way to configure ad-hoc mode
without firmware modification (my goal is to do as much as possible in
the tablet's stock condition).

Am I just using wrong WiFi hardware, or is there a way?

In the former case, does anybody know an (inexpensive) USB-connected
WiFi device that would support master mode and is known to work with
not very recent Linux (Ubuntu 8.10)?

Thanks for any ideas.

PS When I tried "iwconfig wlan0 mode ad-hoc" I got "device busy", so
what I really have is only managed mode.

Dimitry Golubovsky

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