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Re: [PLUG] Security Cameras

I feel for you and understand fully what you are going through. It is a
tough situation when the pet (dog/cat/animal) has a higher IQ and more
common sense than its owner. I have the same issue with my neighbor and
their two dogs (a third is brought into the mix when the daughter
visits). Suffice it to say that I can't walk through my yard or work in
my yard while the dogs are out in my neighbors yard. They will attack
the chain link fence as I try to garden, go to my composter, mow the
lawn etc. Whatis worse as soon as I go out to this my neighbor lets the
dogs out. Coincidence? I think not. Most likely the dogs hear me out in
the yard and start barking in the house like they have to go out so the
mental midget of a neighbor just opens the door and lets them out. Thus
the barking begins and doesn't stop no matter how long we are there. 
When the third dog arrives that one will come violently at the fence and
try to get over the fence into my yard at us. All the time no response
from the neighbor. I have had to deal with this for 35 years (Different
dogs but it has gotten worse with the last set of dogs). This has
stopped us from ever getting a dog since it would only add to the
problem. Their dogs don't get along with other dogs.

So I hope you get it resolved. I liked the one comment about the C4.
Although it might cost you more to fix the damage to your side of the
yard. I am wondering why other neighbors haven't complained to the town
for the noise. In our town the owners can get cited. I haven't gone that
route for other reasons but I am about to go that route but that is one
that will end a semi livable relationship. 

I would like to know if the sonic barker device works because I would
love to get one, maybe two or three. 

John J. Boris, Sr.
"Remember! That light at the end of the tunnel
Just might be the headlight of an oncoming train!"

>>> John Karr <> 6/13/2011 12:02 PM >>>
For those of you who have posted (to me) really stupid comments siding
with the dog.

The Dog has a chronic barking problem. He will bark for hours at
absolutely nothing (making his favourite spot less attractive by
blocking his view of my house will at best cause him to pick another
favourite barking spot).
The owners know the dog has a chronic barking problem.
The owners are unwilling or incapable to properly deal with the dog
The owners blame the secondary barkers when I complain about their dog
The owners do not like talking to me about the dog and need to be
talked to by someone with more authority (ie a City inspector, a court
Given that the dog owners have 3 lots, a double garage and a much
bigger house than me, the issues aren't financial but come down to
laziness and lack of respect.

If the owners won't purchase a muzzle or a barking control collar,
which they can easily afford, I don't need their consent to install a
barking control device in my yard -- which can also be positioned to
discourage secondary barkers. 

[] on behalf of Claude M. Schrader
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On 07:14 Fri 10 Jun     , John Karr wrote:
> The dog barks because he's scared. He is an abused dog they rescued,
and the owners don't have a strong discipline regimen. Unless the owners
really lay down firm rules this dog won't ever stop barking. I believe
the dog would be happier and more secure if they did train it properly.
I'm buying the device Matt suggested and attempting to take it out of
their hands. If this fails I will return to evidence collection.

if the dog is a scared, abused dog, he is a potential bite risk and
to the neighborhood. This is bigger than annoyance at barking. Refusing
train an abused dog can be a really dangerous thing. Maybe the best
would be to offer to help out with the cost of a dog trainer if money
an issue? You could even recommend one to get the ball rolling.

Buying an electric annoy-o-tron could make him *more* anxious, and
the problem worse.

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