John BORIS on 29 Jun 2011 14:00:16 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Dual Monitors

Sorry about the lateness of this. I have a Dell Tower, I believe it is
an XMT, I am not sure since I am not home but it is under two years old.
It has the ATI dual output video card. I run Windows Vista on it. 64
bit. When I tried to run Dual Monitors I got a Blue screen about once a
week. I finally gavce up and that problem went away but what I am
writing about is the heat factor. The Dell technician who came to
service it the one time (They said I had to change the CPU Fan and case
fan) actually got burned by the video card while in there changing
things. There is zero space in this unit. Something they don't show you
on the product page.  Anyway he told me to have them ship out a new card
but he also said he has placed extra fans in his Dell units whenever
possible due to the lack of air flow caused by the small cases. He even
suggested I mount an external unit. I am not doing that. But when you
get your unit just check that out as to air flow. My unit has the
variable speed fan on the case that speeds up when needed. At times it
gets quite loud. Now maybe LINUX will make the unit run cooler but not
sure about what drives the heat. I do know that that video card even
with its own fans gets hotter than I have ever seen.

good Luck.

John J. Boris, Sr.
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>>> Julien Mills <> 6/29/2011 4:14 PM >>>

Thanks for the feedback, I'm going to go ahead and order
this, give it a shot.

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