Casey Bralla on 21 Aug 2011 06:02:26 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Debian unstable locking up and corrupting filesystem

Of course, a memory error can cause all kinds of weird problems.  Running 
memcheck may show something.

I've also seen this while running as a VM client and the system got hit with a 
heavy load.  (This caused a SATA disk error.)

ITo get a new kernel, you must be running something other than "Stable".  If 
you are running Sid, that may be the problem   Sid is not nearly as stable as 
it used to be.  I've often completley hosed my system and been forced to 
rebuild in a day or so after the instability washed out of the repositories.  
I've learned not to run Sid on anything remotely mission crtical.

On Saturday 20 August 2011 2:34:03 PM David B. van Balen wrote:
> I've been having a recurring problem the past few weeks where my system will
> suddenly lock up. If this happens while I'm at the computer, I'll be able
> to move the mouse pointer around, but none of the apps will respond. If it
> happens when I'm not around, I'll come back to a blank screen and the
> computer won't respond at all. In all cases, there's nothing to do other
> than a hard reboot, after which ext3 says it can't replay the journal and
> I'll have various filesystem issues until I run an fsck. It happened again
> yesterday, and now the system won't boot.After the grub menu, I get a bunch
> of stuff like:
> [   13.720864] ata1.00: status: { DRDY ERR }
> [   13.720905] ata1.00: error: {UNC }
> [   13.744497] end_request: I/O error, dev sda, secdtor 195523
> followed by messages about not being able to mount /dev, /sys and /proc
> because there's "No such file or directory" and I'll get dumped at a BusyBox
> prompt (when I type "help" I don't see an option to run fsck, so I'll have
> to see if I can figure out another way to run it).

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