Bob Schwier on 28 Aug 2011 11:45:03 -0700

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[PLUG] OT dell laptop repair

I've had three dell laptops that all failed the same way.  The latest is
a Latitude D610.  The one I have torn apart to see how they build these
things is an Inspiron B100.  The other is an earlier Latitude.
What happens is that one pushes the on button and it quickly blinks out.
One holds the button down longer and it takes longer to blink out.
Power supplies don't seem to be the problem because I tested the older
Latitude's on the Inspiron when it was working.
Hard drives work when attached to my regular machine.
I remember someone saying that the problem was frequently the fan and I've
been trying to figure out how to test that but modern engineering get in my
way.  I'm getting ready to test this machine with a sledge hammer.
I really don't want to buy a new machine as money is an object in these
times of the Bush/Obama recession.
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