Matt Murphy on 29 Aug 2011 07:08:40 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] OT dell laptop repair

Same thing happened to me with my now-ancient XPS M-1210.  However,
since I toenailed dellfand (source is out there -- it's C code for fan
control on a large swath of dell laptops) in as a service, this hasn't
been a problem (if hybernate/sleep is incomplete, it keeps pushing
what air is there around, thus somewhat saving my bacon.  Of course, I
have spare fans already for the inevitable burnout due to increased

Matt Murphy
On Sun, Aug 28, 2011 at 4:31 PM, Eric at <> wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> HA: ÂForgot my own footnote.
> [1] ÂThe Vostro runs Ubuntu Mavrick. ÂIt "sleeps" when I close the lid and has
> never exhibited any problems with that. ÂLast week, I closed it and stuffed it
> in my back pack. ÂI took it out about 4 hours later and it was *extremely* hot!
> Apparently, it did not go into sleep mode for some reason. ÂIt must have
> overheated in the confined space and then kept hitting the thermal trip causing
> it to reach a really high equilibrium state. ÂAfter I took it out and let it
> cool for about 30 minutes it came right on and works fine.
> NEXT time, I'm making sure the light starts it's little sleepy wink before
> stuffing it in the backpack.
> Eric
> On 08/28/2011 04:11 PM, Eric at wrote:
>> Bob:
>> In general, I've experienced that Dell has had heat dissipation problems over
>> the years across their product lines. ÂI've had mixed results with Dell laptops.
>> ÂAn earlier one suffered strange Âproblems and died early. ÂA friend's Inspiron
>> died a fiery death while sitting on his desk. ÂDell replaced that one VERY
>> rapidly! ÂMy daughter's old P-4 Dimension 3000 tower throws off so much heat
>> that it could double as an easy-bake oven. ÂOn the other hand, my most recent
>> Dell laptop, a Vostro rescued from the parts/trash heap, has performed well [1].
>> Based on your description I'd suspect the CPU cooler has somehow become partly
>> detached from the CPU. ÂThis dramatically increases the thermal resistance and
>> results in the processor overheating almost immediately after power-on.
>> When you disassemble the laptop, make sure to have some new high quality thermal
>> paste on hand. ÂTake the time to remove the cpu cooler from the cpu, carefully
>> clean both with an appropriate solvent, and apply the new thermal paste. ÂDouble
>> check that it's seated firmly on re-install.
>> Good luck.
>> Eric
>> On 08/28/2011 02:44 PM, Bob Schwier wrote:
>>> I've had three dell laptops that all failed the same way. ÂThe latest is
>>> a Latitude D610. ÂThe one I have torn apart to see how they build these
>>> things is an Inspiron B100. ÂThe other is an earlier Latitude.
>>> What happens is that one pushes the on button and it quickly blinks out.
>>> One holds the button down longer and it takes longer to blink out.
>>> Power supplies don't seem to be the problem because I tested the older
>>> Latitude's on the Inspiron when it was working.
>>> Hard drives work when attached to my regular machine.
>>> I remember someone saying that the problem was frequently the fan and I've
>>> been trying to figure out how to test that but modern engineering get in my
>>> way. ÂI'm getting ready to test this machine with a sledge hammer.
>>> I really don't want to buy a new machine as money is an object in these
>>> times of the Bush/Obama recession.
>>> bs
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