JP Vossen on 7 Sep 2011 01:40:54 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] MythTV & HDHomeRun & Comcast Digital for Pottstown/Collegeville

Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2011 07:29:20 -0400
From: Matt Mossholder<>

The reason I use the Live TV Channel Editor is that it has a huge benefit
over the web page: You can see what is actually being broadcast.

OK, you got me there.

Your analog source shouldn't have any channels with "_" in them. I would
just straight out delete them. "useonairguide" says to use the EIT

OK. It's certainly possible I did something wrong when fumbling around trying to add this stuff...

information that is broadcast to fill in the program guide. With Schedules
Direct, you don't need this. "commfree" is good for Channels like WHYY where
there are -never- any commercials in a program. It tells Myth not to bother
trying to commercial flag, even if the recording rule says it is needed.

Cool info, thanks.

It has been forever since I used SCTE65 scan. In the end, I don't think I
actually ended up needing it. In the end you still need to visit every
channel and confirm it, which is why the Channel Editor in Live TV mode
works best for me.

OK, but how do I visit a channel that isn't there? The default scan didn't find a lot of that that's there (e.g., the TV sees it) and it did find of lot of stuff that isn't there. The SCTE65 scan was at least closer...

Schedules Direct only shows the channel numbers, as Comcast lists them in
schedules. As you have probably guessed, they would MUCH rather you have a
cable box. The reason you get a few channels with the "_" is because Comcast

Yeah, I knew that.  Screw 'em.

is required to rebroadcast the local stations.   The stations like 12_3 and
12_7 are different program streams for a channel... basically, WHYY is now
broadcasting 3 different programming channels multiplexed into channel "12"
now, which isn't even really channel 12 anymore.  One program stream might
be showing "This Old House" while another is showing "Sesame Street" and
another is showing "NOVA".

So how do I get scheduling info for the streams? You're going to say "you don't" aren't you?

Thanks again,
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