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[PLUG] VMware Workstation 8

From the Planet Gnome aggregator:

Jeff, you will like this:
You can also connect to ESXi/vSphere. As a developer, this is something I take advantage of nearly every day. I have an ESXi box running in my back room with several VMs for testing, and a couple for in-home servers. By running on ESXi, I minimize the overhead of a standard operating system, and gain a bunch of management capabilities, but previously I had to use vSphere Client to connect to it. Now I can just talk to it with Workstation.

Hear that, Linux admins? You don’t need vSphere Client running on Windows to connect to your ESXi/vSphere box anymore. That’s a big deal. (Unless you need to do some more advanced management tasks — we’re more about using the VMs, and light customization).

More docs:

They've also merged the remote access features (VNC-based IIRC) from VMware Server 1.x into this, so you can do all kinda of remote stuff. ***AND*** you don't need X on the host anymore. Very cool. I wonder how that works for licensing though? I want to run the host on a non-GUI server, then remote in from elsewhere. What's the remote client? Do I need 2 Workstation licenses? Hmmm, reading between the line of "Using Remote Connections and Sharing Virtual Machines" from it sounds like it's split into at least "vmware-workstation-server" and a client. I wonder if they will let you install a client on both Linux and Windows? That'd be REALLY handy for some $WORK stuff.

I've used VMware Workstation 3 (a bit), 5 & 7 (quite a lot) on an Ubuntu/Xubuntu host and that has worked very well for me.

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