Ron Kaye Jr on 24 Oct 2011 12:06:23 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] ideas for class material

no offense
this program seems somewhat bogus.

labs...yes, projects...yes, papers... no (though some practice writing documenation is OK)
there is enough material to learn for a 4 year degree and more.
with 'nix, you can learn something new every day

to start, google linux home networking. can you do everything in that outline?
there's a good start.
a good syllabus is the contents of an LPI exam text

i taught linux at chubb  and ITT.
They were different. They were both good.
At chubb, we looked at many distros-
slackware (watch 20 somethings heads explode without a gui- very funny),
redhat/centos, debian/ubuntu, gentoo, suse(novell)
there were differences worth knowing.

It is the instructors job to plot the course of his young jedi... not vice versa.
Instructor ... do your job!

i hope i didnt come across too strong.
my health is better!

Ron Kaye Jr
On 10/22/11, Andrew Craig<> wrote:
Hi All,

I am currently in a Computer Technology program and have an upcoming Linux III class.  The professor is open to ideas for curriculum.  As of now it is project based, but apparently the projects are mainly writing papers.  For Linux II, which I just finished, we had to right a paper as well.  Writing papers is fine, well not really, but I am not taking Linux III to write papers.  Because of this I want to take the opportunity to offer up some ideas.

I want to do stuff, not write about it, excluding any documentation of course.  I was thinking of the following ideas

- fix broken stuff
- break working stuff
- ssh stuff
- scripts
- hacking
- build an arch or BSD system
- build up workstations and / or server

thanks guys,


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