Eric H. Johnson on 22 Nov 2011 06:43:15 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] E-Cat - Off topic


So long as it was just Rossi and his magic catalyst, that was my view too.
But a number of new players have entered the fray, including Defkalion, an
American group, and even NASA with some related patents. Here is a possible
explanation of the phenomenon:

I like the summary:

"Rossi and Defkalion may have products out in the coming year, but those are
discoveries, as best as we can tell, from sheer serendipity.  A dedicated
engineering design based on understood physics with tested efficiency
attributes, properly scaled to maximize output and matched to an application
would be a vastly more sophisticated and likely a mass producible item at
low cost."

I would add however, in my experience inventions preceding the science that
explains them is the rule, not the exception.


Anyone willing to take a bet that it's not a scam?


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