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[PLUG] observational: user hostility

Whenever I used to do anything with graphics, back before linux, I'd open Photoshop (largely because I had it). Do not construe usership with ability though...

Yesterday I wanted to do a tiny amount of graphic manipulation so I fired up GIMP. To say I'm not a power user is an understatement. In fact, it's like giving me a Ferrari when I drive a land yacht.

No matter how I tried, I could not do what I wanted. I called over a coworker, who does graphics, for help. She had that same sideways stare: it was the blind leading the stupid.

Not wishing to take a course in GIMP, I found a program for the Other OS, in which I finally managed to do what I wanted (put a Santa hat on my dog). My coworker said it would have been easier to put an actual hat on the dog and take a picture.

I am not blaming GIMP nor promoting anything else. Just seems that the other program was less user-hostile (to the way I do things). Might just be that I'm a graphical nincompoop....

But when you gotta put a Santa hat on your dog, you gotta put a Santa hat on your dog. No amount of manual-scanning will do.

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