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Re: [PLUG] dell xps 14z

Turning off vt-d should be ok for my purposes because vt-d is designed to speed up device access for guest. Turning it off should not the other vt-x instructions for virtualization.  Irregardless virtualbox works even without the vt instructions

On Dec 14, 2011 4:40 PM, "Loic Duros" <> wrote:

FYI, if you do this, various virtualization technologies may not work right, especially for 64-bit guests.  You may or may not care in the context, and I understand that "working" is better than not, but just FYI...  Perhaps there is a different solution post-install, or if this is needed.

For example, I was trying to run VMware Workstation 7.1 on an old Dell PE-850, but I was unable to run 64-bit guests even though the host OS was 64-bit, because the CPU lacked the VT feature.  But turning it off in the BIOS will have the same effect.

Hi JP,

Thanks for sharing your expertise on the topic. Turning it off is still better than turning off acpi. I haven't found any issue using a 64bit host (didn't use virtualbox or vmware and don't need to, and all the cpu seems to work fine). Hopefully there will be a fix, I think this is a similar problem described here:

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