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Re: [PLUG] observational: user hostility

Last year, I taught some very basic computer stuff at a local 2 year college.  CS102 was intro to MS Office software. I used to be pretty adept at Word. So there was another guy who taught PhotoShop, and he was weak in the Office stuff. We talked about teaching each other our respective skills. 

What he fundamentally told me was that PhotoShop was a 'selection' program. Once you managed selection skills, you managed PhotoShop.

The stuff that I can do, like cropping and adjusting exposure are elementary skills; the real skills involved selection.

I assume that the GIMP is the same. 

On Dec 14, 2011 10:40 AM, "Gavin W. Burris" <> wrote:
- open santa hat pic
- scale to the size you want
- use a select tool to select hat (lasso, by color, etc.)
- copy
- open dog picture
- paste
- drag hat onto dog

Gimp is not laid out like photoshop, but I don't find it hard to use.
Disclaimer:  I was the only Linux person in my college digital media
classes.  I made heavy use of Blender, Gimp, Audacity and
mplayer/mencoder to produce computer animations.


On 12/14/2011 10:08 AM, jeff wrote:
> Whenever I used to do anything with graphics, back before linux, I'd
> open Photoshop (largely because I had it).  Do not construe usership
> with ability though...
> Yesterday I wanted to do a tiny amount of graphic manipulation so I
> fired up GIMP.  To say I'm not a power user is an understatement.  In
> fact, it's like giving me a Ferrari when I drive a land yacht.
> No matter how I tried, I could not do what I wanted.  I called over a
> coworker, who does graphics, for help.  She had that same sideways
> stare: it was the blind leading the stupid.
> Not wishing to take a course in GIMP, I found a program for the Other
> OS, in which I finally managed to do what I wanted (put a Santa hat on
> my dog).  My coworker said it would have been easier to put an actual
> hat on the dog and take a picture.
> I am not blaming GIMP nor promoting anything else.  Just seems that the
> other program was less user-hostile (to the way I do things).  Might
> just be that I'm a graphical nincompoop....
> But when you gotta put a Santa hat on your dog, you gotta put a Santa
> hat on your dog.  No amount of manual-scanning will do.

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