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Re: [PLUG] Linux distributions without version upgrades

On Friday 16 December 2011 11:24:42 AM K.S. Bhaskar wrote:

> My choices seem to be:


> Debian Unstable - this would feel very comfortable because I am a

> long-time Debian / Ubuntu user and I am familiar with package

> management. But... Debian Unstable does temporarily break from time

> to time, and I am trying to find a slightly better balance between

> stability and life on the leading edge. I suppose I could experiment

> with installing Debian on btrfs which would allow me to snapshot /

> rollback.


> Arch Linux


> Gentoo Linux (perhaps via Sabayon where I can validate hardware

> compatibility with a live DVD before I install).


> Any words of wisdom, advice and caution greatly appreciated. Thanks in

> advance.




Not sure about wisdom, but I have words <grin>


I agree that Debian Unstable is too unstable to be reliable. (pity, though) I haven't put it to much of a test, but Mint might be a good alternative as Russ had suggested.


Gentoo is my favorite, but the unstable does break in minor ways periodically. (Kmail has been the most problematic for me). Arch is probably good (like Gentoo), but might require some work to get installed.


It's a tough call. We all want the raw, dripping, bleeding edge, but it's all got to work perfectly. <sigh>


Good Luck! Please let us know what you eventually tried and decided to live with. I'd be curious to hear how it works out for you.



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