Art Alexion on 22 Feb 2012 11:32:58 -0800

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[PLUG] NTP rant

Please pardon this rant.  I only post because I thing others on this list have shared this pain.

My boss was going to spend a lot of money for an NTP appliance.  There was a pile of unused PCs in front of my desk.  I told him I could turn up an NTP appliance with existing hardware and FOSS software in short time.  He gives me the go ahead.  I create a Linux server on a small form factor Dell 740.  This takes me longer than it would have but I couldn't get it to work on an EeeBox. (I now know what I was doing wrong and could make it happen).

The new NTP server is up and running well.  I have configured a few Linux machines to sync with it.  It is simply a matter of editing a very small text file.  I have configured a few OS X machines to sync with it.  It is just a matter of typing the IP address in a drop down field.

I can't get a single Windows machine -- the vast majority of our servers and desktops -- to sync with it.  In fact, two of my senior co-workers can get it to work with windows, either.  Most things we have tried, unsuccessfully have been WAY more complicated than the working Linux and OS X.

None the less, Windows is making me look bad.

Just sayin'.
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