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Re: [PLUG] NTP rant

The time client in windows stinks. I have used "Abouttime" in the past as a workaround.

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Art Alexion <> wrote:

>Please pardon this rant.  I only post because I thing others on this
>list have shared this pain.
>My boss was going to spend a lot of money for an NTP appliance.  There
>was a pile of unused PCs in front of my desk.  I told him I could turn
>up an NTP appliance with existing hardware and FOSS software in short
>time.  He gives me the go ahead.  I create a Linux server on a small
>form factor Dell 740.  This takes me longer than it would have but I
>couldn't get it to work on an EeeBox. (I now know what I was doing
>wrong and could make it happen).
>The new NTP server is up and running well.  I have configured a few
>Linux machines to sync with it.  It is simply a matter of editing a
>very small text file.  I have configured a few OS X machines to sync
>with it.  It is just a matter of typing the IP address in a drop down
>I can't get a single Windows machine -- the vast majority of our
>servers and desktops -- to sync with it.  In fact, two of my senior
>co-workers can get it to work with windows, either.  Most things we
>have tried, unsuccessfully have been WAY more complicated than the
>working Linux and OS X.
>None the less, Windows is making me look bad.
>Just sayin'.
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