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Re: [PLUG] large email volume for comcast user

On 4/19/12 6:58 AM, Rich Freeman wrote:
If he runs his own MTA from a consumer IP range most of the big ISPs
are going to block his email.  I don't like that, but there isn't much
to be done about it.  The fact is that for every person like one of us
that wants to run his own MTA there are 100k infected windows machines
on some botnet sending out spam at full throttle.
Right.  Have to get a better IP.  I host my server at Amazon AWS, using
one of their "elastic" IP addresses, and registered with them as "yes, I
am intentionally sending outgoing e-mail, but I promise I am not
spamming", so they defend the reputation of my IP address with the RBL

Plus, some ISPs block outgoing connections to port 25.
Right. Comcast may divert all such traffic to their own SMTP server.

I'd consider Amazon's AWS Email Service:

Looks like they charge a dime per 1k emails.  They also have multiple
APIs you can use which means that you could get around outgoing SMTP
blocks.  I haven't used them, but do use other AWS services and in
general they tend to work well.
+1 for AWS services.  I haven't tried their SES because I run an SMTP
server on my virtual Linux box hosts on their EC2 (Elastic Compute

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