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Re: [PLUG] There's gotta be a better way

Found this after google search of 'ie9 on linux':

So, per your last option below, you shouldn't need to pay for a license!


On Apr 27, 2012, at 10:16 PM, Floyd Johnson wrote:

> I just blew three hours repairing and retesting a half-dozen webpages in IE 9, and to do it, I had to switch to Win7 and use WordPad for editing.
> Finding the needed menus during editing was a pain due to some goofy HIG redesign that made the menu bar less obvious. I also made more mistakes, as WordPad isn't really a programmer's editor. Also raising my hackles was that I could only have one of the many files open at a time. At risk of pulling another "grass versus Astroturf" bit, even the humble gEdit, which came in the original LiveCD-borne installation, answered both those issues, so, had I been able to see what IE9 saw of my site in Fedora 16, I'd likely have knocked out the task in at most 90 minutes.
> What, given the following, is the best way to get IE8-9 running inside a Linux environment?
> -IE8 under Wine crashes on launch.
> -For some reason, I can't get the mid-April-made timelocked IE8 VHD to work in either VirtualBoxOSE or the regular VirtualBox 4.1.4. The virtual machine gives a brief BSOD during boot, then reboots with the option of launching Startup Repair.
> Is it possible that, for reliable IE8 to 9 render/JS testing, I need to suck it up and shell out for a Win7 install disk, then install it in a nice, safe VirtualBox VM?
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