Floyd Johnson on 27 Apr 2012 19:16:41 -0700

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[PLUG] There's gotta be a better way

I just blew three hours repairing and retesting a half-dozen webpages in IE 9, and to do it, I had to switch to Win7 and use WordPad for editing.

Finding the needed menus during editing was a pain due to some goofy HIG redesign that made the menu bar less obvious. I also made more mistakes, as WordPad isn't really a programmer's editor. Also raising my hackles was that I could only have one of the many files open at a time. At risk of pulling another "grass versus Astroturf" bit, even the humble gEdit, which came in the original LiveCD-borne installation, answered both those issues, so, had I been able to see what IE9 saw of my site in Fedora 16, I'd likely have knocked out the task in at most 90 minutes.

What, given the following, is the best way to get IE8-9 running inside a Linux environment?
-IE8 under Wine crashes on launch.
-For some reason, I can't get the mid-April-made timelocked IE8 VHD to work in either VirtualBoxOSE or the regular VirtualBox 4.1.4. The virtual machine gives a brief BSOD during boot, then reboots with the option of launching Startup Repair.

Is it possible that, for reliable IE8 to 9 render/JS testing, I need to suck it up and shell out for a Win7 install disk, then install it in a nice, safe VirtualBox VM?

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