Carl Johnson on 23 May 2012 11:11:28 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Wireless router recommendation?

double-bridging the fios router is a big pain. bear in mind though,
(in addition to running your own ethernet cable) if you're going to
get your ONT provisioned for ethernet, you'll still need to
re-configure the actiontec as a MoCA bridge if you have tv service
through them. that can also be a pain if you aren't familiar with the
process. you could alternatively buy a separate MoCA bridge to replace
the actiontec, but they're a little spendy.

On Wed, May 23, 2012 at 1:17 PM, Rich Freeman <> wrote:
> On Wed, May 23, 2012 at 12:50 PM, Morgan Jones <> wrote:
>> For gigabit ethernet and 5ghz look at Buffalo WZR-HP-G300N
> Hmm, a bit pricey at $60, but maybe a good investment.  The featureset
> is exactly what I want at least, and it is already running DDWRT.
> Nice.
> I might just go with it.  Right now I have a messy setup:
> 1.  54GL just running as a wireless AP.
> 2.  FIOS router just running as a router/NAT.
> 3.  Linux server running DHCP/DNS.
> I could potentially try to merge that stuff down a bit.  The house
> will be more useful with the server down (only half of the house won't
> work), and one less box on the desk.  However, I'd need to get FIOS to
> switch on my ethernet port on the ONT and run a cable, or bridge the
> FIOS router (which from my reading is a real pain).
> Rich
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