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Re: [PLUG] Recommend: cheap server suitable for virtualization?

=> On 06/21/2012 9:18 AM, Michael Leone wrote:
=>> On Thu, Jun 21, 2012 at 9:02 AM, Claude M. Schrader
=>> <> wrote:
=>>> atom machines are great for some things, but the CPU is pretty weak.
=>>> Trying to juggle calls from multiple OS installations might be too much
=>>> for it.
=>> I'd say "not a chance", rather than "might", if you're interested in
=>> even bare minimum acceptable performance. :-)
=> I guess it kind of depends on what you mean by a "cheap server"...
=> I know that TigerDirect has some AMD Phenom II X4 and X3 (might be able
=> to unlock the fourth core, depending on motherboard) barebone kits in
=> the $300 or so range.  My guess is that's about as cheap as it gets to
=> build a virtualization-capable server as a test/development environment.

   NewEgg actually has a Shell Shocker deal going on right now that might
do nicely. A full system (minus keyboard, monitor, mouse (if you must
:-)) for $310.94, plus a $30 mail-in rebate.

   Good luck...

                                     Gary Duzan

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