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Re: [PLUG] Registrar recommendations

I'm surprised no one has suggested  

I don't have a ton of domains I've used them for years and have no complaints. 


On Jul 7, 2012, at 9:14 PM, John Karr wrote:

> I'm looking for a new registrar.
> I love and hate godaddy. Godaddy just auto-renewed a $13 certificate at $49
> (because the $13 certificate is a promotion for the same product, even if it
> is always available to anyone who asks). I was able to sort it out with
> customer support (which for their prices godaddy have excellent support),
> but the auto-renew thing has been a nuisance with them before and difference
> between the when you buy and the when you renew price isn't pretty.
> I need a no bs reseller of domain names and certificates. They don't have to
> be cheapest but they have to:
> 	Have good prices for both certificates and domains (godaddy). 
> 	Not enroll your assets in auto renew for you.
> 	Have good customer support (godaddy does an excellent job of having
> an English speaking person answer the phone when you call them).
> 	Have an easy to use interface (I feel like an epileptic rat in a
> maze trying to use godaddy's site) providing coherent management of Domains,
> DNS, and Certificates.
> I had been using Joker but they failed me on two fronts, one is they no
> longer respond to support emails (big suck) and 2 is they don't sell
> certificates (need someplace else to buy them). I had been recommended to
> EasyDNS but their cheapest certificate is $99. I was looking at namecheap,
> but I don't know anyone who uses them.
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