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Re: [PLUG] DCAnet dropping DSL

On Mon, Jul 23, 2012 at 2:10 AM, Doug Crompton <> wrote:
I received a surprizing but not totally unexpected letter from DCAnet that
effective October 1st they are dropping DSL services as Verizon is
dropping support and provisioning of DSL for them. It also goes on to
mention that this is in spite of their regulatory requirment to do so.

I have been a longtime customer of DCAnet and they have been a good
provider all these years. For me it is a sad day and I need to decide in
what direction I am going to go. Not that there is much choice!

I have run my own domains and Linux server (mail, web, DNS, etc.) since
the early 90's. DCAnet supplied static IP's and very reliable

I am curious if ther are others out there that still like to do there own
thing or is this now a thing of the past? I know I coud get static IP from
other providers and I could continue DSL from Verizon but the static IP
packages are very expensive. I do not need speed. My 4 Meg DSL has served
me well.

I am sure there are other who have face or are facing this dilemma. Any


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 I run my own server at home for everything.  With my comcast connection I have sticky DHCP.  The IP never changes which is good for point a website/domain at it.  The only drawback is no reverse lookups and one can't run a mail server since it's DHCP and most services (i.e. google)  will discard emails originating from that address.  For that purpose I pointed sendmail at Gmail's smtp setup.

So if you go with a company that has stick DHCP then you might not have to worry about it if the only thing you use it for is websites and other stuff.  If you truly need reverse lookup with DNS then you'll have to go the static IP route.

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