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Re: [PLUG] iDevices

On Thu, Dec 27, 2012 at 12:46 PM, jeff <> wrote:
> On 12/27/2012 12:35 PM, David Coulson wrote:
>> You realize iTunes is probably the simplest way to manage content
> So I'm told.
> I'm not a content-managing kinda guy.  I don't want an iPad *experience*.  I
> just want to copy over a few files here and there and play or view them.  No
> syncing.  No iTunes.  But thank you.

Yeah, once upon a time I tried to load music on my kids iPod and it
was an exercise in pure frustration.  It would not keep music on the
device unless it was ALSO kept on their PC (if you delete something on
the PC it would delete it from the device).  The PC was using a
roaming profile that was backed up so I didn't want a ton of music on
it, and I already had a load of music in Ogg/Vorbis format elsewhere.
I didn't mind running a script to mass-convert it all for the fussy
iPod, but having to keep a ton of mp3s around just to make iTunes
happy did not make me happy.

Back then you could manually copy files over on USB storage, and then
run some program that would update the internal database so that they
would be recognized.  I have no idea if this works today.

> My love for my android tablet has grown immensely in the past few days.

Way better than the iPad in this (well, and every other) regard, but
Google hasn't really been thrilling me with their MTP love-fest.
Finding decent linux clients for that has been a real chore.  I've
been using adb to transfer files for the most part.  mptfs works, sort
of, but it like to think it knows better than you how you want your
stuff organized.  You can copy things to one place, and it will
happily store them someplace else.  Then I tried copying over a video,
but mtpfs didn't recognize the format so it just did a no-op.  Oh, and
it doesn't do any kind of caching as far as I can tell, so
tab-completion is an exercise in patience.  I'm tempted to try to
write a fuse implementation of adb the way things are going.  But, if
somebody knows of a decent MTP implementation for linux that runs fine
under KDE (I don't care what it was written for - just that it runs),
and which doesn't know better than me what I want it to do, let me

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