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Re: [PLUG] January 2nd PLUG Central meeting

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Bravo! You volunteered to do this *without knowing* that there is an
incentive prize for our January speaker?  Kudos to you!!

Barring my untimely demise or other incapacity, I shall personally deliver
to you a copy of the book "Higher Order Perl", kindly donated to PLUG by
the author, MJD, and subsequently bequeathed, by acclimation of the
December PLUG attendees, to the January volunteer speaker.

MJD did indicate a willingness to autograph the aforementioned tome.
I hesitate to speak for MJD regarding his availability for this task and I
implore you to take this issue up with him.

Let those who contest this decision speak now, or gripe naught again, for
the rules were set forth, and are clear.  If you were not in attendance
at the PLUG meeting on the 5th of December then hold your tongue - for
you have no say.

[ Who now confesses to having read WAY too much of "The Count Of Monte
Cristo" in the last two weeks and has, therefore, much mangled the
language of his forefathers.  :-D ]

On 12/27/2012 12:36 PM, Paul L. Snyder wrote:
> No one has mentioned to me that the Central meeting is not on, so I am assuming that the meeting on the 2nd is going ahead as planned.  Our own Elizabeth Krumbach will be in town and, since we don't have a speaker, has offered to give an informal talk on her trip to Ghana deploying Edubuntu desktops.
> She suggested that she might not be able to fill the full hour, though, so would anybody else like to sign up to do short, casual talk on another topic?
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