Eric H. Johnson on 24 Jan 2013 06:04:53 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] No speaker volunteers for West, and tomorrow is MLK, Jr. Day...

Paul, et al,

I made the below suggestions / offer back in November and am still good for.
I have also started playing with the Olinuxino
( I do not know that I have a
full hour's worth of material at this point, but I can add that as an option
if there is any interest. Just give me sufficient notice as it does take a
bit of time to put everything together for some of these topics.

I also think it is a good idea to have some more introductory or more
general interest topics. Below are a couple of general interest talks I
would like to see, however I think I am only marginally qualified to talk on
the first one, MythTV and not sure what to do about the hardware. I do not
really want to bring in my Myth server. This is followed by a group of
topics I am more qualified to talk about.

Introductory general interest topics.

1> Intro to MythTV

2> Linux Steam Game platform
This was just recently released for Linux.

3> Android under the hood
Particularly with a focus on tablets.

Topics I could talk about

1> Update my Dark Side of the Internet presentation
There have been many developments in this area since I gave this talk a year
or so ago.

2> Using Glade
Glade is a cross platform RAD tool which decouples the user interface from
the application logic. The logic can be driven by many languages, for
presentation purposes I would use just enough Python to show how it works.

3> Driving LCD displays with LCDproc
LCDProc is an open source library for driving small LCD displays like those
from Matrix-orbital or CrystalFontz. MythTV for example can be configured to
use LCDProc ( to display information like
that displayed on a commercial DVD/Blue ray player. I would anticipate using
just enough python to show how to drive the display.

-----------------------------> End <-----------------------------


3, Paul L. Snyder wrote:

Alrighty...since no one stepped up to volunteer (or even respond with an
expression of interest in meeting), since our FIS site host Amul had
requested cancellation of the meeting due to historical lack of winter
attendance, and since Monday, Jan 21 is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the
offical PLUG West meeting for tomorrow will remain cancelled.  Anyone who
wants to meet for a social get-together at a restaurant should coordinate
with others who may be interested on the list.

If there's interest for a February meeting, let's get a speaker lined up and
we'll see if FIS is willing to host.

Otherwise, we still need speakers for March, April, and May.  Any takers?

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