Rich Freeman on 24 Jan 2013 06:37:52 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] No speaker volunteers for West, and tomorrow is MLK, Jr. Day...

On Thu, Jan 24, 2013 at 9:04 AM, Eric H. Johnson
<> wrote:
> Alrighty...since no one stepped up to volunteer

I have to echo some of what Eric said.  We actually have had a bunch
of suggestions for topics that could be presented (though not too many
presenters - I doubt everybody wants to have Eric and I alternate
every other meeting).

What I haven't heard much of is expression of interest in actually
hearing about these topics.  I'm sure many of us could prepare talks,
but if nobody actually wants to listen to them there isn't much of a
point in doing so.

I'd like feedback on what people WANT to HEAR talks on.  Otherwise I
fear we'll just end up doing general discussion at our meetings,
assuming we even hold them.  That's the main thing holding me back
from perparing any topics - that and the fact that I think I'm still
the last to present at North (and that was last summer I think).  I
don't mind presenting more than once a year, but the group would
benefit from more variety.

We could just have general discussion (perhaps shortening the meeting
when this is the case and retiring earlier to dine/etc).  I think the
question is what we all want to get out of the meetings.  I don't mind
general discussion, but it seems like many turn out for the talks as
the general discussion turnout has not been terrific.  If you're in it
for the talks, then please act in self-interest and let us know what
talks you'd like to hear...

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