John BORIS on 11 Apr 2013 08:14:36 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] RAID for swap?

When I setup a system that has RAID I try to have separate drives for
the OS and a Separate drive for the Data portion. If possible. You need
a RAID controller that will handle this and the drive space and $$$. On
my Ubuntu setup on my HO server I have a 147gb RAID10 for the OS and
then two 300gb RAID10 for my data. I had a RAID 5 setup go south on me
once where I lost everything. Not sure why but since then I try to stay
with that model. Again it comes down to what you have available and what
your server is doing.

My home machine (Vista 64, I know this is a LINUX list) is just running
RAID 10 on the SATA drives. No room for any more drives. Hope this

As for the SWAP I never thought about putting it anywhere else except
where the OS put it during install which on my HP is on the 147gb

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>>> Matt Mossholder <> 4/11/2013 11:06 AM >>>
If your swap disappears, you're probably looking at several programs
crashing, and maybe even a kernel panic. If you want to ensure
availability, I would use one of the faster RAID methods for swap.

With regards to partitioning, you're going to need /boot mirrored
the devices, and the boot loader installed on both disks. You might be
to get away with having /boot reside in /, as long as you aren't
LVM or anything else that requires a initrd/initramfs.



On Thu, Apr 11, 2013 at 10:49 AM, Casey Bralla

> Recently, I got a lot of good advice about how to setup RAID and I
have a
> follow-up question.
> Should I RAID the swap space too?
> It seems to me that having the swap partition RAID'd would increase
> reliability of swap, at the penalty of execution speed when it is
> Alternately, I could simply create two swap partitions, and only use
1 of
> them.  If that disk died, I could just manually activate the swap on
> other
> disk.
> BTW, my situation is that I have 2 identical SATA disks.  I thought I
> partition them identically, with a single large root partition and a
> partition.  I could put the /boot partition separately on one of the
> in
> lieu of the second swap partition, but then I've reduced the
reliability of
> booting if one disks dies.
> Any thoughts or suggestions?  TIA!
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