Louis Kratz on 17 Nov 2013 11:06:06 -0800

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[PLUG] Comcast, Cable Cards, Antenna, and HD-Homerun Experiences?

Hey pluggers,

As some of you (may) have noticed, Comcast started encrypting 100% of their QAM streams (including broadcast channels) on Thursday.
Those of us using their limited basic service (read: almost only broadcast) can no longer tune to those channels without a set to box or cable card.

I've read through the PLUG archives (good stuff BTW); and saw a lot of users have had success with the HD-Homerun and Comcast.
For you who have:
1) Do you have a list of channels that are blocked by DRM (i.e., copy-once or copy-never)? I am mostly interested in low-cost packages. I've read all broadcast channels are required to be copy-freely.
2) Have you noticed any change since Thursday? The QAM switch effectively disabled my dvr entirely.

As a second option; I've hooked up an antenna but can't seem to get WHYY or ABC (my primary channels) in the first floor of our south Philly row home.
If anyone has any recommendations for a good antenna they are also appreciated!


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