Casey Bralla on 28 Feb 2014 18:32:55 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Cord Cutting Options & Meeting topics?

Lee, welcome to the list.   Don't worry about conversations over being over 
your head.  We all feel that way.  Most of us are just good BSers, and just 
like to throw around jargon. <grin>

I like your notion of Hulu + Netflix.   Hos is the picture quality with Hulu?  
Is it better/worse/same as conventional TV?  Also, do you feel the interface 
is usable enough (by that I mean can you easily find the shows you're looking 
for, or do you have to wade through a bunch of crap screens to find what you're 
looking for.

My wife and I are thinking of ditching cable, but are a little concerned that 
we'll have to give up the rather nice on-line program  guide  that comcast 

I'm not sure about any good newbie presentations, but don't feel shy about 
asking a "stupid" question.  We all love to answer questions, and if it's a 
newbie question, then the chances are better that you'll get an answer since 
more people are likely to know the answer.

On Friday 2014-02-28 3:12:36 PM Maguires wrote:
> First post here guy's so cut me some slack.
> 1.) My solution has been Clear communications/Sprint now sprint for 4g
> internet capable of streaming 10 devices we use Hulu Free and have a &.00
> Netflix Acct.  total cost 61 / month (54.00 internet & 7.00 for Netflix)
> works well for us The WiFi coverage from the router covers the entire house
> and a surprising amount of the yard.
> 2.) I'm a beginner with Linux and been lurking for a while but the
> conversations seem to be over my head. are there ever any presentations
> done for us lurking beginners? And please no RTFM comments they're not
> really helpful to anyone. Thanks to any responders
> Lee


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