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Re: [PLUG] Slightly OT: Active user groups for M$ developers in the area?

On 03/12/2014 01:39 PM, Ed Roper wrote:
I hope this inquiry isn't too off topic, but googling hasn't provided
much results. I'm a fervent advocate for Linux, and love this group's
mailing list and meetings, I'm having trouble finding any developer
related groups with as active a user base. Unfortunately, I work
mostly in the M$ technology stack. The Philly .NET users group
doesn't even appear to have a mailing list, but they do at least meet
once a month. Can anybody recommend some other groups that might
provide for a good range of discussion & meeting topics with some
more liveliness to them that would be relevant to developers working
under the evil empire...

Funny you should ask. I was a charter member of a group started in the mid-90's Called PANTUG, Philly Area NT UG, that had a couple of minor name changes (e.g., NT = Networking Technologies) and then died out a couple of years ago. The most recent president, Drew Lehman, was talking to me a few weeks ago about trying to bring it back. While I think he may be on this list, I've BCC'ed him just in case.

I suspect there are a lot of folks on this list who will have overlap and be interested but I don't think using this list is ideal for discussion, since it will go far OT quickly.

I'm not sure what Drew's plans are for hosting, mailing lists, etc. Perhaps he can throw something up quickly, and move this discussion there for those interested.

Drew, if you can't post to this list send to me and I'll re-post.

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