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Re: [PLUG] Easiest QoS/Router/Connection-trunking distro at this point?

pfsense is decent. that's the only free one i'd recommend that does multi-wan.

On July 5, 2014 10:17:42 PM EDT, brent timothy saner <> wrote:
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>On 07/05/2014 08:29 PM, Doug Stewart wrote:
>> Howdy all, I've got a buddy who's cursed with two sub-par rural
>> ISPs. He's looking to try to trunk the two connections so that he
>> can run a single wifi connection but eg route Netflix over one ISP
>> while his poor SSH sessions can trot along unimpeded.
>> Used to be I'd recommend Astaro, but that apparently went poof
>> years ago. So, who's got a strong rec for an easy to admin router
>> distro these days that one can run on an old PC?
>UnTangle may still have a FOSS version:
>But that's a *stupid* easy to admin distro.
>However, if he wants something lightweight, shorewall can do bonding
>and QoS, which is probably what he wants. He has to understand
>networking basics (e.g. he doesn't need to be a CCNA or anything, but
>if he even knows what the OSI model *is* then he's off to a great
>start). Not for noobs, but INCREDIBLY powerful (and uses vanilla
>iptables as a backend, even!):
>Shorewall has *very* good documentation.
>Vyatta (R.I.P.) was great and probably the leader in popularity for
>this sort of thing, but was acquired and is dead now.
> is its forked reincarnation.
>He can also try the following if he's looking for something a bit more
>newbie-friendly. I haven't touched anything with a GUI in years when
>it comes to firewall administration, so I can't vouch for whether they
>can do what he wants or how well/easy. But:
> (*great* for tiny/embedded devices)
> (*VERY* wi-fi friendly, and very flexible. bit of
>a learning curve- not as much as shorewall- but worth it)
> (slightly different but similar feel to pfSense)
> (great for SMB's and wi-fi functions)
>And those are just the ones I've used/heard of over the past years.
>There's more at
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