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Re: [PLUG] PLUG W Follow-up

I've been attending PLUG W, have a rather decent 1080p proper video cam with proper tripod, and a rather beefy PC+internet (woo Fios 75mbps) to volunteer if we get this going.

Also, depending on how low-maintenance we go, I used to use a similar setup and upload directly and raw to Youtube. YT is evil and all, sure, but all those school board meetings from ~10 years ago are still up and still quite watchable. It's pretty easy to jump to a timestamp via URL as well, and the embedding options are decent.

On Fri, Nov 21, 2014 at 6:56 PM, Joe Rosato <> wrote:
I agree that creating an archive of talks would be really nice. Would change the whole dynamic of separate locations being separate groups. If I can watch stuff from meetings I don't attend due to distance - great. Also - it makes it possible to have longer discussions on a hot topic. If these were public, it would also give PLUG gravitas and visibility.

I would be up for getting this going - my thoughts fly to docker (I wonder why that would be ;-)) as the vehicle for a repeatable app we can create so that no-one gets stuck with reinventing the wheel while transcoding the video. We might have to beat up the container a bit, but the end result could be each person processing and posting their own video with a few commands.

And we don't really need good equipment. I am sure that amongst all of us we probably have a total of 5 old mobile phones that do the trick. (with crappy little tripods, handheld is for masochists) The docker thing could contain a NLE to allow editing of say 3 cameras and one audio. Light variations and model differences might cause a slight issue but color-cards/grey-cards can help with that.. doing it on the cheap IS the cool part when you really think about it.

It might sound like a lot of work but only on the front end. Once you have the repeatable app/system it could be easy. Old phones with dedicated camera mod, dedicated phone mod to capture just sound, button push to send videos to repository, NLE in a docker container... Linux has a lot of NLEs to choose from..

What am I missing here? Is there a giant hole in this thinking process or does this sound feasible? Thinking below...

During Presentation
- phones with tripods record separate videos, send to central repository at end with button push

Post Presentation
- victim (I meant speaker) pulls down docker container which sets up a pre-configured NLE on their home linux box where they get to combine the three video feeds and master audio feed into one nice final product. Couple of automated scripts to post (where-ever that is) and bingo!

Maybe I'm a madman


On Fri, Nov 21, 2014, 12:18 PM brent timothy saner <> wrote:
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On 11/20/2014 07:29 PM, Fred Stluka wrote:
> Might want to try for the screencast and shared audio.
> No video though, unless you use a local app (like Mac
> Photo Booth) to show yourself on the local screen via the
> local camera, in which case it becomes part of the screencast.
> Also, no recording, just real-time broadcast.
> See my tip at:
> -

Pff. and we call ourselves a LUG without anyone suggesting this yet?

VLC can do all this already. :)


(see also:

(from client)

(from streaming machine)
NOTE- change the capture device to the web camera if you don't want to
do a "webcast" sort of thing and want to show actual video from a camera

there's probably a lot more options available to us, but honestly- we
have a lot of options. there's no need to resort to
proprietary/third-party solutions for something that 90% of us already
have installed.

on that note, though, i'd *love* it if we started
recording/streaming/archiving talks. my schedule's so topsy-turvey these
days and i always seem to miss the email announcements for talks until
after they're done.

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