Mike on 24 Feb 2015 07:32:48 -0800

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[PLUG] Forced FIOS upgrade?

Sorry that this is off topic, but I know that you folks know a lot about this :)

My mother's Verizon landline is currently not working.  I believe that her current service is POTS, though that may have changed in 2006 when I had a DSL line installed so that I could stay with her following an illness.  (Am I correct that this is still POTS?)

So on Saturday, I plugged a phone into the NID on the back of the house and got no dialtone.  A technician came out on Sunday and confirmed that the issue is in fact with the line, external to the house.

The technician stated that the line needed to be upgraded to FIOS.  At first I agreed to a migration order.  But the thought subsequently occurred to me that they may be using this as an excuse to backdoor her into a service that she doesn't need - and will cost her more money.

Is there a legitimate reason why they can't restore her existing service?


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