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Re: [PLUG] How to Design a Great Web Site - My Actual Solution

Kyle, I think you are correct, and I basically followed your advice (prior to 
even hearing it! <grin>)

I already had several low-usage blog hosts running WordPress, so it was easy 
to add another instance for myself.   But WordPress, even with the bazillion 
different themes available, just didn't give me what I wanted, look-wise or 

If I were going to have multiple people update this beast on a regular basis, 
my approach would crash & burn the minute somebody else tried to update it.   
But for a solo effort (with editorial guidance from my group), it came 
together pretty well.

BTW, here is the final result for those who are interested:

Since these are 99% static pages, with a very definite structure and links to 
establish, I chose to bite the bullet and work with standard HTML and css.  
LIke you said, I made templates and built on that.   I also used "includes" 
which simplified headers, menus, and footers.

On Sunday, 2015-08-30 10:09:56 PM Kyle Taylor wrote:
> I think there are some good points for discussion, but I think the first
> place to start is to decide the functionality of the site.
> If you are the sole author making informational pages for the group, such as
> something like the PLUG website, then I think a framework such as Wordpress
> is overkill. A few professional, well designed templates and add some
> simple static HTML, that you said you know, used for bold, italic, fonts,
> tables and the like, then you don't have any vulnerabilities in the
> aforementioned systems or a custom created solution.
> On the other hand, if you need visitor comments/discussion sections,
> multiple authors creating pages, changing themes, plugins and database
> driven websites, then a current system or a custom solution would be best.
> Since it doesn't seem you're prepared for a custom solution, then a
> community driven project, such as Wordpress, would be most secure for your
> needs, with a little bit of studying Wordpress or another system and
> consistent monitoring.

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