jvoris on 3 Sep 2015 15:16:46 -0700

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[PLUG] Question about configuring Apache Server

I have a question about Apache Configurations 
that I hope someone here can help me with.

We are using a utility to move REST data out of an Apache WebServer.
Our REST data from the application normally moves to the external devices
fine.  But when it gets to a large data file that has to be moved ( 36K
in the file ) we then Base64-encode it, store the file in a folder, then
use an OpenTheFile-feature in the utility.

The problem is that after we place the file's data into the data-stream,
we are seeing the constant    CONTENT-TYPE: TEXT/XML    being added at
the end of the output Buffer.

I wonder if this is being caused by the file being stored outside of the
folders for the Apache Instance  ( it is not in \www\timestats\htdocs

Is there a configuration I need to add to stop this constant from being
inserted in the data stream ?  

Does anyone know the cause of this literal being added ?

- John Voris
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