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Re: [PLUG] Looking for dvd shrink software

Thanks Keith and Michael,
I was going to use the Double Layer disk which would work on Playstations and Xbox (I think I don't have those toys to test) but again was overruled. If I can't get these done during my time off for the Holidays they are getting the file on a USB drive and they can play with it. They already have the game on a DVD but not the one that was on TV with the announcers. 

On a side note I would like to know how much money Comcast got for broadcasting a High School Football Game. They showed up the day of the game with two Semis. They had three elevated cameras and one sideline. That translated into 4 cameramen, one wire jockey for the sideline guy, two announcers plus the control guys in the booth. The setup included a group of about 10 people. A lot of money and they will not even give you a copy of the broadcast for the school to put in their archives. 

But it was big plus for the school and the kids really enjoyed it. 

On Mon, Dec 14, 2015 at 12:54 PM, Michael Leone <> wrote:
The file size is highly dependent on what codec you use.If you want
the video to play on a stand alone DVD player (sounds like you do,
since you're giving it to seniors), you're stuck with the MPEG format
for DVD, which will be that 4.7G in size.

If you knew they could play a regular video file, you could convert it
to an MP4, which will probably be only 50% of the size (maybe less).
But won't play on a stand alone DVD player (probably); they'd need to
play it on a computer of some sort, and output to a TV (also not that

On Mon, Dec 14, 2015 at 12:49 PM, john boris <> wrote:
> The video is a football game that Comcast broadcast for us. I took out the
> commercials but I still can't get it down to the size to fit on a DVD-R. I
> was going to put it on a flash drive but got outvoted. I still may do the
> flash drive as it will be much easier. I am making it for our seniors as a
> gift.
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