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Re: [PLUG] Looking for dvd shrink software


Just to make things clear:

* Are you trying to shrink an mpg file so it can be recorded *as data*
  on a DVD-R, or are you trying to make your mpg file into a DVD that
  you can insert into your home entertainment center's DVD player and
  play the video?

I am trying to burn the video file to a DVD-R so it will play in a Home Entertainment system, standalone DVD, etc.
* What do you mean by "That mode" has a 2gb size limit? What mode

In my little knowledge of DVDs DVD-R has a limit of 2 hours of video and the right now the file is 2hrs 40 minutes. I know the data limit is 4.7gb of data but that translate to 2 hours under resolution restraints.
* When you say "I don't have multiple DVDs", do you mean drives, or
  media? If media, why not buy more. If drives, what does that have to
  do with the issue?

In one of the replies the reply seem to think I had multiple disks of video I was trying to combine into one video 

If you happen to mean that iso9660 has a 2GB limit on a single file,
you can use truncate and mkudffs to create a UDF image file that can be
loop mounted as a DVD-sized UDF filesystem that can handle
astronomically sized files (much bigger than the 4.7 GB capacity of a
DVD). Copy the desired file to the UDF mount, then unmount it, then use
growisofs to record the UDF image on the DVD.

I will try that as I am a definite noob when it comes to messing around with settings on DVD creation. I am by no means a graphic artist. (Even though I did sleep at a Holiday in Express one time in the past) 

CLARITY ALERT:::: On your reply, please interleave post your answers
right below the questions so everyone knows *exactly* what the
situation is, and meaning doesn't get lost in generic pronouns.

I think I did that this time.  I try to keep threads like this clear and concise and not too long when possible.

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