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Re: [PLUG] Looking for dvd shrink software


On 12/14/15 1:17 PM, john boris wrote:
>     * What do you mean by "That mode" has a 2gb size limit? What mode
>       exactly?
> In my little knowledge of DVDs DVD-R has a limit of 2 hours of video and
> the right now the file is 2hrs 40 minutes. I know the data limit is
> 4.7gb of data but that translate to 2 hours under resolution restraints.

Just to clarify a bit, it's a capacity (GB) limitation, not time -- you
can burn longer (time) DVDs by changing the bitrate of the file. Once
you reach a certain point, this does somewhat affect the quality, but
for a 3 hour disc of a program recorded off of a cable channel, it's not
going to be any more noticeable than a 2-hour program. Standalone
consumer DVD recorders can often be set to 2-, 4-, 6-, or 8- hour mode
which just affects the quality (much like VCRs could be set to SP, LP,
or SLP). You should have no trouble getting your 2:40 program on a
standard DVD once you find a proper program.

When I've had to do this in the past, my burning program handled
re-encoding -- it would look at the size of the file and the type of
disc I was burning and automatically make the adjustments to burn the
highest quality that would fit on the disc. That was several years ago
and tightly integrated with the Avid editing software, so I'm not sure
if Linux DVD authoring software offer similar functionality.

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