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Re: [PLUG] My biggest fan

On Sun, 20 Dec 2015 17:20:15 -0500
"Rich Mingin (PLUG)" <> wrote:

> Yeah, sometimes when the EC/BMC detects an error like that, which can
> be occasional and unlikely to self-correct, it'll register a
> persistent fault, and one of the easiest ways to clear that is to
> reinitialize the BMC/EC, and one of the easiest ways to do *that* is
> to reload it's firmware.
> So yeah, reflash same version firmware and see if it clears.

I wouldn't be caught dead reflashing the firmware to get rid of an
instrumentation error. I'd rather live with the error.

When you reflash, you run a not insignificant risk of bricking your
mobo, which, for practical purposes, often means you're cheaper
off replacing the RAM and CPU too. It's much safer if you're on a UPS,
but still, do one thing wrong, and you're bricked.

I'd be willing to turn off and unplug the machine, and remove the coin
battery for a night, to see if something resets. But I'd need a much
better reason than fixing a harmless instrumentation error to reflash a
bios, and I'd *certainly* not do it on a "maybe this will fix it" basis.


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